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I photograph weddings in a classic reportage style, with a modern twist.

My attention is always drawn to the subtle details that most often go amiss. I don't stage images and aim to capture your wedding as naturally as possible, with most guests forgetting i'm there after a glass or two. I'm creating a visual history of one of the biggest days of your life. So for me it’s a totally personal view and the results have to be fantastic.

Normally, I shoot around 500 images that stand alone in their own right. I don’t shoot 1000 snaps and tell you that you'll get 1000 images which you could do yourself on an iPhone. 

I’ve shot weddings in Cornwall, Devon, Oxford, London, Switzerland and further afield. If you have a specific request or location, I’m more than happy to be there. Just get me the ticket! I shoot your wedding day for you, so whatever time you’d like your photography, I’m there. 

I usually start with the bride getting ready, all the way to the first dance (or until Uncle Bob staggers over to kiss me). People like to eat without a lens pointing in their face, too, so I take a break. If you want me at the beach at 6am or in Central London for sunset, I’m there. When Great Aunt Maud starts breakdancing after a gin and tonic, I’m there. 

The most important thing for me as a photographer is that I capture the details that will become part of you your life history, and be with you forever. Have a look at what other Brides and Grooms have said above.


I charge £1,500 for a full day (10 hours), including travel within Devon and Cornwall.


My fee includes the following:


  • An initial consultation in which I get to meet you both and talk about what you want. We can do this in person, by phone, email or Skype. There’s no obligation whatsoever so don’t feel you can’t ask.
  • Shooting your wedding. I’ll be there to shoot all day long, in a natural reportage style. I never use 'second photographers or assistants to take photographs' so you get one style that flows. I  use location flash so if you do have an idea for a fashion shoot on the beach, for instance, we can do that. 
  • Digital images are still referred to as being ‘retouched’, but it’s actually no different to how I used to treat photography in the darkroom, back in the day. Therefore, each image is cleaned and finished by hand individually. Colour will vary and some will be black and white as well, to give you the choice.
  • A password-protected online gallery of all your images, that you can share with others and download. The hi-resolution files I’ll archive and send to you on disc. 
  • Travel and expenses within Devon and Cornwall.